Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Communities Around the World

My class is beginning to do research on CHINA! It's such an interesting place to explore for my 3rd graders. They love learning about the Martial Arts, the dragon festivals, Chinese New Year, and so far the most popular feature seems to be the Great Wall of China. They are simply amazed about it!

The final project that they will be completing is a Brochure about China. They are learning how to research facts about topics, use multiple resources to locate facts (i.e. the internet, trade books, text book), write "perfect" paragraphs, and remember to include features of non fiction where applicable.

These are some of the resources my students are using:

National Geographic has an amazing section on countries. There are videos, photos, facts, and printables. My students have enjoyed visiting this site to get facts for their brochures.

Ancient China for Teachers 
Lesson Plans & Activities This website is great!  I discovered this when I taught my students about Egypt last year. It offers tons of great lesson plans ideas. My favorites are the power point presentations. I plan to show my students the Great Wall power point presentations since that seems to be their favorite!


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