Saturday, August 6, 2011

For The Classroom

I absolutely love shopping for my classroom. I've made a few trips to Walmart, Michaels, and Lakeshore. These are a few things I got at Lakeshore. One of my goals this year is to be able to organize student work and center materials in a more organized manner. I still haven't found what works for me.. Hopefully these items will help me do that.

 I think this book would be great as a morning do now or even a grammar center.
 My friend Melissa from used these last year and I couldn't wait to get them! They are really great to use to display the current genre or theme's books. You can also use them to display art work in the classroom.
 Looking forward to using this as one of my reading centers. I like that it's a write on/wipe off activity.

 Adding to my collection! I love these cards... Again, my long time friend, Melissa, introduced me to these. I like using them as centers. Students can also use these when they are done with independent work. I punch holes in the corners and add them to a ring.


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