Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to Charmed In Third Grade!

Welcome to my first ever blog--- Charmed In Third Grade! After a few short weeks of stalking blogs and becoming a blog addict, I've decided to venture out and create a blog about my passion, teaching 3rd grade! I hope to network, continue to learn about the art of teaching, and of course collaborate and share ideas with other teachers!

I have been teaching for 6 years. I have taught Kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grade. Most of my 6 years has been in third grade. I LOVE teaching! It truly is my passion. I often look for teachable moments all day with my own children. I knew I wanted to teach as a child. I would torture my little brother in front of my easel pretending to be his teacher day in and day out! Needless to say, playing school was his least favorite thing to do... 

I went to Queens College CUNY and graduated with my Bachelors & Masters degree in Education. I've completed my 30 credits through online courses as well. I enjoy cooking, shopping, vacationing, and being with my family and friends... 

I hope you enjoy my blog and ideas!



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