Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favorite Websites to Use in Class

I am amazed at how many wonderful teachers there are in the blogging world. In just a month, I've learned so many new things. I was never so excited to start a school year as I've been this year since discovering the blogging world. So its with this sense of appreciation that I am linking up with
Why not share the wealth? We are sharing our favorite websites to use in the classroom. When the linky party is over, she will archive all the sites in one post.. So helpful! I've probably posted these on previous posts..

Ms.Kerriandher Krazy Kindergarten

TBA's Ultimate Linky Party

Here are some of my favorite websites to use in class...

Those are just a few I can remember right now! I have them mostly saved on my computer at work.. 

Have an awesome night! :)


Kerri Buckner said...

Thanks for linking up. Be sure to check back in a week or so when I get all the websites compiled into one big list.

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