Thursday, September 29, 2011

Punctuation Takes A Vacation

Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver: Book Cover

Where would we be without punctuation? And how can teachers and parents impress its importance upon young children? Fortunately, author Robin Pulver has a light-hearted, kid-friendly solution. The book's clever storyline has a classroom teacher banishing punctuation for the day, only to have the feisty marks deciding to go on vacation. Result: the class can't write anything intelligible and begs for the errant marks to return. Young readers will learn that punctuation is there to help. Great illustrations, great fun. Considering how many students reach high school without clearly understanding the rules of punctuation, it's wonderful to have a book that catches children when they're young. Kudos to Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed for this terrific book! 

I plan on using this book next week for lessons on reading fluently. The kids love reading about the silly punctuation going on vacation. They usually never forget this lesson because they think it's so funny and we often bring it up when I hear them reading and not paying attention to punctuation. 


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