Monday, September 26, 2011

Inside My Classroom!

I have always loved looking at other teacher's classrooms! And now that I am part of the blogosphere, I get to see so many creative ideas that I can use in my own. This year, I credit my classroom to all of the wonderful ideas I have found while searching other blogs and of course, Pinterest.

I know many of you are well into your 6th or 7th week of school but here in NYC, we have only been in school for 3 full weeks. I have some before and after pics of my classroom bulletin boards now that they are full with student work.

I hope you enjoy my Under the Sea theme...
This is how I welcomed my students.. along with this poem.
The original idea that I got from Pinterest was much fancier (lol)

Here is where I will display my Students and Citizens of the Month. My school recognizes students that display overall good student behavior and academic achievement as well as students who display good citizenship.

 Here is a view of the classroom from the doorway. 
It's much more cluttered now that I had to 
add about 6 desks!

My Social Studies bulletin board. 


 And this is an AFTER shot. I took pictures of each child and sent home an index card asking what country(ies) their families are from. Since the students study communities around the world this year, it was a great way to begin our social studies curriculum.
Above the social studies, is my science bulletin board. In a recent post, I mentioned a great habitat and ecosystem lesson we did together and this is what I have displayed there.
School of Great Writers!


"Sink Your Teeth In A Good Book"
As a good introduction to Kevin Henkes (our author study), I gave my student's parents some homework. I had them write down how they chose their child's name and why they are perfect for their child. The responses were absolutely adorable! I had the students share them and then write why they think their names are special along with a cute illustration of Chrysanthemum.

My Classroom Library

 My "Fin"tastic Math Masters and My Math Museum
(notice the net with some blow up fish in the corner.. I got those in the Luau section of Party City)

 I do have a few more pictures to post... My outside bulletin board, a character counts display in the classroom, my "Writing Island", Center information and area, and my organizational drawers. More to come tomorrow.. I'm off to enjoy this season's first episode of Gossip Girl... It's one of my guilty pleasures!

Have a good night! 


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