Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh How I Missed Blogging!

So I have ONE question for all those moms that work and blog...
HOW do you do it all? 
I haven't had many moments to myself this past month and when I did, I took the opportunity to go get a manicure that was sooo desperately needed. But I'm still left wondering HOW does it all get done? Working, cooking, taking care of the little ones.. all while managing to look decent and make EVERYONE happy? If anyone would like to let me know.. please share. I need some MOMMY time ASAP!

I know I have totally abandoned my blog but I have had quite the busy month. Not only have I been frantically working non stop with my new class... who I think are just a sweet bunch (so happy they are mine!) but I also was planning my sweet, baby girl's 2nd birthday! Can't believe my baby is already 2! Time sure does fly and I'm really trying to savor every moment. Mia loved her party and really had an amazing time. She had a blast with all of her cousins and friends.. My daughter is quite the social butterfly!

As a party favor, I gave each child a leveled book to start their school year off right! Yes, I know I am a nerd.. It's really part of being a teacher. I guess I just can't help

But in all reality, I really have missed the blogging world.. I have a lot to do and a lot to post! I have been living vicariously through other blogs though...

Here are a few great things I haven't had the time to blog about...

Coolest New Site to use for Centers for EVERY subject! A site created by parents for kids. Students learn while having fun (my fave!)
click here to enter site
SMARTboard lessons already done for those who use
I use this every single day and only teach math from the SMARTboard. All the lessons are planned out and the mental math and math message are on there as well.. They even go a step further and include the games and the game directions. The journal pages are also available so that you can go over the work together with your class on the SMARTboard screen.  

               Grammar Blast                                 
I'm always looking online for great websites to use for my literacy centers
Houghton Mifflin has a great website for grammar games. I used it for the first time today and the kids loved it. (My class is very competitive and they were really trying to get as many questions right as possible!) There are quizzes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. 

Ok well... as I'm blogging, my daughter has managed to destroy my house... Remember, if there are any tricks of the trade to doing it all, feel free to leave me a comment with some advice.
It's greatly appreciated!
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teaching fashionista said...

Great post..glad you made time to blog today!! Btw Mia is adorable..

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