Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Using CUPS to Edit

I'm not talking about cups we drink out of! 
CUPS is an amazing editing tool that I've used for several years now. A friend of mine found this idea somewhere in internet cyberspace so I can't even credit who started this! It's a color coded editing system that really makes my life so much easier and I LOVE it! Students are able to see their corrections easier. Sometimes (most times) the drafts become very MESSY and it's hard for me to see what they fixed as well. So in all...  CUPis great!

Here is the anchor chart I use in class. (Pardon the messy handwriting. I wrote it out as I was teaching!)

This is one of the few charts that actually stays up all year. I like to rotate my anchor charts with my lessons so that they don't just become a part of the decor in the room. I read on another blog (I don't remember who...sorry! But I'm sure it was an amazing one) that the students eventually don't even see the charts if they are up for so long. They sort of blend with the room and I have to say that is SO true! So many times I have noticed students not using reading strategy charts because the charts were up for so long that they didn't even notice them anymore! Well, this doesn't happen to my CUPS chart. They really do use it so I like to put it in an area where it is clearly visible. 

Click here to download a copy of my CUPS checklist. 

I hope I did it right. I never posted a google doc to my blog before so let me know if the document is not downloading properly. Also, I would love to hear about any feedback on the use of CUPS in your classrooms!


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